Joy’s Journey

The story behind the book:

When Imala was about five years old, while her Dad was writing his short story fable about the journey of a dog, Imala began writing her story. It was about the pet she wanted to get at the time.

One day when her Dad came home from the office Imala was sitting behind his favorite leather chair writing on her iPad.. When he came in she said, “Hi Dad! I am writing a book and am almost finished.” She showed her story to her Dad and that was the beginning of the story now called – Joy’s Journey. Over the next few months they worked on the book together (she did most of the work).

On Imala’s eighth birthday she received a puppy as a gift. A cute little Bichon. She named the puppy Joy.

We certainly do hope that you enjoy the interactive ebook. In every chapter there is a chance to help your pre-k child find “Pinky.” Have fun exploring Joy’s Journey together with your wonderful creative pre-k child.

Joy’s Journey